Frequently Asked Questions


"Two bitterly cold and snow-bound winters in succession persuaded us that we had to find a solution ...


Q. What are Arenasaver Products?

A. Arenasaver manufacture covers that will protect your riding arena from adverse weather conditions such as snow and frost and it will also help protect against debris. Please see the ‘how it works’ page on our website for further details.

Q. Where can I buy an Arenasaver?

A. Arenasaver products are manufactured and installed exclusively by ATP Ltd of Stokesley North Yorkshire, England, an MMC Group Company. Please contact us directly in the first instance for any information that you may require.

Q. Can Arenasaver be used to protect different outdoor sporting venues?

A. Yes, the Arenasaver was introduced as a complimentary product to Matchsaver’s Pitch Protection Systems which have been proven to protect most outdoor sporting venues including Football, Rugby, Athletics Arenas, Hockey Fields and Equestrian Centres etc.

Q. How long does installation of an Arenasaver take?

An installation service is available upon request. Installation and training times are usually completed in one day.


Q. Does Arenasaver have a Warranty?

A. Yes, Arenasaver covers come with a comprehensive warranty, full training and technical support.


Q. How long do Arenasaver Covers last?

A. All Arenasaver covers are strong, durable and made to last. We have covering systems and covers that have been installed for many years and still being used regularly with great success. Investing in an Arenasaver will ensure your arena will be protected for many years to come, making it a sound investment for your business.

Q. Does Arenasaver protect my arena from snow?

A. Yes, when snow is forecast the Arenasaver cover can be deployed quickly and efficiently to protect your arena. Plus the Arenasaver cover is tough and has been designed to enable small tractors and quad bikes to drive onto and over the covers to remove the snow.


Q. Can Arenasaver covers be inflated with warm air?

A. Yes, most Arenasaver covers can be easily inflated with warm air to prevent the ground from freezing in extremely cold temperatures. For information on what heaters to use, please call Arenasaver.


Q. Is the Arenasaver cover waterproof?

A. Arenasaver covers are available in waterproof material.


Q. How is the inflatable roller inflated?

A. The roller is inflated by using a specially adapted air blower that is supplied by Arenasaver.


Q. How is the Arenasaver deployed?

A. Arenasaver is deployed and removed by rolling the inflatable roller on and off the arena.

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